New book from Clarice Rutherford: "A Dog is a Dog"


Trainer, dog lover, and best-selling author of dog-training books, Clarice Rutherford has just come out with her latest book, again revealing her keen understanding of the canine species.

"A Dog is a Dog" by Clarice Rutherford




Based on Scientific Research

  • Learn about the 5 senses of the dog and how they differ from us.
  • Genetic studies show how wolf behaviors have been transmitted to the modern dog.
  • Read about archeological evidence showing the connection between the wolf and the modern dog.
  • Information is great for school reports and presentations.
  • Written especially for middle grades, but great for all ages.

Ask for the book at your public library or purchase one for yourself.

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What the School Library Journal Says About the Book

“Gr 4-8 – This is a unique and engaging exploration of the world of dogs. The book begins with their evolution, their “wolfness,” and the origins of different breeds. It provides insights into their instincts and senses, which can help humans to better understand canine behavior. The importance of socialization is clearly explained. What their gestures, such as lip-licking and yawning, are saying is identified, enabling readers to interpret them to improve their communication with their four-legged companions. There are also chapters on teaching good manners and playing fun games. The writing style is enthusiastic and highly readable. Many attractive and appropriate color photos and black-and-white drawings are included. Family dogs would certainly put this book on a recommended reading list to ensure that their people become wiser and better “pack leaders” in their daily lives.”
Starred review in School Library Journal in the July 2012 issue
Carol Schene, formerly at Taunton Public Schools, MA